Sushi Factory Frenzy!

As an employee at the sushi factory, it is your job to fulfill the orders given to you by your very impatient customers. Press (SPACE or RMB) to pick up and drop items, and (WASD) to move. Put sushi in the tins according to your orders and put the tins on the conveyor belt on the bottom left of the room to send them out. If you put the wrong sushis into a tin, there's a trash can. If you fail to make 3 orders, you're fired.

If you're running out of time on an order, and the sushi you need isn't coming to you fast enough on the conveyor belt, you can adjust the speed by clicking and dragging the lever on the top-right of the room. But be careful, because it is easy to find yourself in an overwhelming situation when you crank the speed up.

This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 40.

Ludum Dare Link:

Install instructions

Download the zip for your platform, decompress it, and run the executable.


Download 18 MB
Download 20 MB
Download 20 MB

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